Jul. 29, 2006

My really-bad, no-good, horrible weekend

IMG_0036.JPGWhat a weekend! Sheryl and I drove up to Parry Sound on Friday for my triathlon race on Saturday. In the course of Friday I;

  1. Got a $30 parking ticket,
  2. Got a flat tire while going on a test ride outside of Parry Sound and spent an hour and $60 fixing it,
  3. Got the call from the head-hunter telling me I didn't get that promising job.
Saturday morning at our bed & breakfast I was briefly awakened by heavy rain at 5:00 AM. Not a promising start to this day either. When I woke at 7:00 it was back to sunny skies, but by the time the triathlon was to start it was raining again, torrentially, with lightning. In the end the race was postponed to the next day for those that could stay on (not me). As a consolation a 10K run was held an hour after the original triathlon start time. My time was a middling 47:20 (literally, as I was 19 out of 48) with a pace of 4:44 m/km. But my shoes were soggy and the trail, pretty as it was, had some serious puddles! The top three runners were a full minute faster per kilometer...

Sheryl was an excellent sport about it all, keeping me company under a beach shelter during the rain and waiting in the car for me to finish the run and recover. As we drove back into Toronto the skies opened up again. Not a problem in a nice cozy car! We did enjoy Parry Sound on Friday night though, so the trip wasn't a complete write-off.

Now I'm home and getting Chris packed for a month at camp. Sheryl and I engraved his name on his new canoe paddle before she left for her place and he has now arrived from his mother's. He leaves Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. It's going to be a bit lonely without him around...

Listening to: Hourglass by Squeeze from The Best Of Squeeze.

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