Aug. 7, 2006

Vacationing at home

It's the August long weekend here and yesterday Sheryl and I had a "vacation at home." We strolled over to the tennis courts and hit some balls back and forth for two hours. It was the first time I'd wielded a tennis racquet since my early twenties). We were eventually joined by Sheryl's daughter and son-in-law. They suggested that we join them for a swim, which entailed sneaking into the Sheraton Hotel's pool. This was executed smoothly, and was a great way to while away the afternoon... Afterward Sheryl and I drove over to Bloor Street to have a quick, cheap and delicious Salvadoran meal at Tacos el Asador in Koreatown.

Saturday night Sheryl and I saw Little Miss Sunshine, also with Sheryl's daughter and son-in-law. It was billed as a black comedy and pretty accurate. A great cast from top to bottom and a quirky plot about a dysfunctional and delusional family trying to get six year-old Olive to a beauty pageant. Very entertaining. Steve Carell's subdued performance was particularly surprising and Alan Arkin was as crusty as you could want.

I also got an update about Chris' camp experience on Saturday. Unfortunately it came in the form of a report from the camp that he'd been involved in a fight! It appears that he was defending himself, but it was pretty distressing to hear about. If he's involved again he'll be sent home by the camp... He talked to his mother afterward, and he'll be coming home for a day with me this weekend during "changeover", the weekend between the two-week sessions.

Turning to the racing world, a local power outage confounded my attempt to record the Hungarian Grand Prix. Too bad, because it was apparently an eventful race! Kimi Raikkonen started on the pole in his McLaren, while Michael Schumacher's Ferrari and Fernando Alonso's Renault were both well down to order owing to penalties. Jenson Button also started well down because of an engine change during qualifying. The race started under wet conditions and got wetter. Alonso managed to get past Schumacher and even lapped him, but Kimi stayed well out in front. Schumacher also lost his front wing in a tangle with Alonso's teammate. Unfortunately Kimi crashed into a backmarker on lap 26 and was out of the race. At this point the Hungaroring track began drying out. Alonso then led strongly until his right rear wheel failed after a pitstop on lap 52. The changing conditions allowed Michael Schumacher to come back into contention and for Jenson Button to fight his way into the lead, where he remained comfortably until the finish, his first win after 113 races. Michael faded again though and crashed out on the second last lap. Kimi's McLaren teammate Pedro De La Rosa finished second while Nick Heidfeld was third in his BMW Sauber. Wish I'd seen it!

Listening to: In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry from In the Summertime.

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