Jul. 19, 2006


As every blogger knows, keeping spam out of comments is an on-going battle. (Except in my case, because my blog rarely gets comments...) One way to prevent spammers from dropping unsolicited commercial e-mail into your comments is to display an image of distorted numbers and letters and ask the commenter to type them back into a text field. Not hard for the human brain, but tough enough for a computer to make the effort too "expensive". There are a number of systems based on this principle, called CAPTCHA, that bloggers can use. I use the built-in Blogger version just for the hell of it.

Recently a system called Hotcaptcha appeared that shows nine pictures of women and asks you to select the three "hot" ones. Or you can switch to men and pick the hott (is that enough "t"s?) guys. I tried it out and using women's photos I'm able to detect the hotties almost every time. Switching to men, my detection abilities dropped to about 50%! I suppose that tells you something about me. The hottie seen in this post is Desiree Ficker, a top-ranked American triathlete. Wow!

Listening to: Heterosexual Man by the Odds from Bedbugs.

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