Jul. 27, 2006

Sure is busy, doing nuthin'

DSC00915So busy lately! Plenty to blog about, but no time to do it... Last week was spent mostly fighting off a bug of some sort. Made it hard to savor my "accomplishments" in the Toronto Waterfront Triathlon, but I tried. I also had to make time for a promising job interview and plenty of running around helping Sheryl get ready for her annual summer Aussie BBQ. The BBQ came off last Sunday without a hitch, under a beautiful evening sky after a stormy afternoon. Once again I was in charge of music, with the added task of manning the grill (all night!). As requested I put together a playlist of Aussie rock, this time with some Reggae, Motown and Beach Boys thrown in. Last year I borrowed my company's PA system, this time I had to rent the equivalent which only turned out to cost $40. The tunes came out of my iPod nano, which made for a hilariously easy setup.

With my next triathlon looming Saturday morning this week I've tried to get some workouts in but have had to balance them with continuing to fight off this bug. Nearly there... I've also been busy getting Chris ready for a month at summer camp. Lots of old clothes to replace, water shoes to track down, his own canoe paddle to be fitted and bought, etc. I've also been in for a second interview for that job and have tried to catch up with Sheryl. Last night we saw An Inconvenient Truth, today we lingered over a coffee outside of Pusateri's. At Pusateri's we had a constant stream of conversations from acquaintances passing by or strangers captivated by Sheryl's dog Barkley. He's a very cute and curly little Poodle-Bichon Frise cross.

Listening to: Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco from Matt Bianco.

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