Jul. 18, 2006

The Price of Liberty

The editorial in the New York Times on Sunday, The Real Agenda, got me thinking politically again. One of the link-backs seemed pretty doctrinaire and I felt I had to respond. Here's my irritated response:

The White House's ideological arrogance and stubborn tunnel vision has repeatedly led down paths that have proven foolish. They have squandered what domestic moral authority they had and have fatally damaged America's position internationally.

The George W. White House has actually done America's enemies work for them. Does special-casing the constitution to give them an even freer hand really seem wise? When you strip away the red state/blue state posturing that's all the New York Times is really asking.

That felt better! Click here to follow the thread.

Listening to: Ask the Mountains (featuring Stina Nordenstam) by Vangelis from Voices. Also featured in an amazing television commercial for Ariston's Aqualtis washing machine directed by Wim Wenders.

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