Jun. 24, 2006

Wild life

I'm back from a very pleasant 64K morning ride in the Caledon Hills followed by a 6K run. It was a sunny morning and the route was very scenic, especially the Forks of the Credit road. The only part I didn't like was a 2 km section that was packed gravel. I'm pooped though! I even had a short nap before driving home. In the course of the ride I saw a red fox run across the road and almost ran down a ground squirrel. We also saw other triathletes cycling in the other direction, one of whom the other riders said was ten-time Ironman champion Lisa Bentley. I'm sure I could have taken her.

In my extended absence Chris made iced green tea, Jello and tuna salad sandwiches. Nice, although the kitchen was a mess. That's three separate creations by the way...

P.S. A week ago my favourite billionaire Golden Griddle devotee, Lord Kenneth Thomson, passed away after a heart attack. The papers report that he always tipped $3 on his $10 buffet breakfast.

Listening to: Wildlife by Talking Heads from True Stories.

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