Jun. 24, 2006

Blogging in my sleep

Last night I dreamt I was blogging! I had a dream in which I was eager to offer a strongly-held opinion about something I had no expertise in. Sounds like blogging to me... In the dream I was at a meeting of outdoor market vendors. Sheryl was one of the vendors, but it was I who was eager to address the gathering about how they urgently needed convince the market owners to install more water taps so they could improve their shops. Ah, dreams... I was awakened by chirping robins (at 4:00 AM) before I could clear my virtual throat.

On the topic of early starts, much like another blogging triathlete, I love the sights and sounds of the early dawn. I just wish they could be observed in the afternoon. But I'm off for a group ride regardless.

Listening to: It's Alright for You by The Police from Reggatta de Blanc.

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