Jun. 23, 2006


I try to donate blood regularly, but with the triathlon season upon me I need to keep my red blood cells... So this week I tried platelet donation. This is a much more complex process - ninety minutes hooked up to a fancy machine that draws out some of your blood, removes the platelets and some plasma and then returns the rest. This cycle happens dozens of times over the session and each return of blood makes your arm feel a bit cool. I felt a bit light-headed at the end too. This kind of donation can be done every 14 days. Not sure how often I'll do it though! Although the nurse was a flirtatious buxom blonde...

Things are looking up on the job front, I've come across two positions that seem like a great match for my experience, and I expect to be interviewed by at least one of them next week. It's going to be a busy week because I'll also be driving down to my brother's place near New York to set up his wife's new company office. Sheryl will be coming along for the ride, which will mean she can finally meet my brother and sister-in-law.

Sheryl's back from Australia by the way. :-) She was down for almost a month visiting relations and got back last Sunday night. Good to have her back...

Listening to: Come Again by Thornley from Come Again.

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