May 14, 2006


Today's Formula One race in Barcelona was a bit on the dull side. Fernando Alonso, driving his Renault in front of a home-town crowd, started on the pole and stayed there. Alonso's team-mate dropped from second to third when Michael Schumacher moved his Ferrari up from third by being able to pit a few laps later. The Spanish crowd loved the result, but for me... Meh.

Kimi Raikkonen overcame a poor qualifying position, moving from ninth to fifth by the first corner, but was unable to make further headway so he's still third in the season standings. Ralf Schumacher managed to cut off his Toyota team-mate Jarno Trulli and damage his front wing, which must have been embarrassing. Other than that it was pretty much round and round... The Circuit de Catalunya is not conducive to overtaking.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn Chris will be on a four day school trip to Montreal. It should be interesting to see how that goes. He's only just started packing as I'm typing this...

Listening to: Every Day Is Exactly the Same by Nine Inch Nails from With Teeth.

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