May 13, 2006

Oh, my aching legs

Yesterday afternoon I went for a 12 km run before taking Chris out for a little celebration dinner (he brought home two perfect test results). My legs were feeling pretty heavy walking to the restaurant. Immediately afterward I met Sheryl for a mini-date in Yorkville to go see Art School Confidental.

This morning I rode my mountain bike 10 km down to the Leslie Street Spit to join up for the first time with some of the Toronto Triathlon Club members for a "group ride." We did just over 30 km together then I rode home, this time travelling 20 km because I decided to take a detour through Tommy Thompson Park a 5 km man-made spit that extends into Lake Ontario from the east side of the harbour. Now my legs are really killing me!

Art School Confidential was an interesting film. It felt like 95% Animal House (although perhaps Van Wilder would be a closer match) and 5% Girl with a Pearl Earring. Lots of crude college humour and reprehensible characters (all of them, really) but every now and then the naive yet ambitious Jerome (played a bit flatly by Max Minghella) paints the unobtainable Audrey (Sophia Myles). Jim Broadbent and John Malkovich have well turned supporting roles and Anjelica Huston has a nice cameo. Overall an entertaining film even though it seemed to run out of steam half way though.

The group ride was a bit odd as only two other riders showed up. Some group! The others had gone to Lake Wilcox, north of town, for a more serious country-side ride. I felt self-conscious on my clunker mountain bike, but I was easily able to keep up with Carolyn and Sue on their fancy "aero" triathlon bikes. The route we rode, which matches the Toronto Triathlon course this July, was a rectangle that passed a lot of nasty industrial sites and garbage depots. Yuck! We did five laps.

Ironically our starting point was right at the foot of the Leslie Street Spit, which although still being built on reclaimed land is a significant bird sanctuary. Parts are wetlands and woods, parts are rubble. Lots of interesting birds, beaver lodges, etc. Overall much nicer than the industrial wasteland we rode through together.

Listening to: In Your Eyes by Leslie Spit Treeo from Book of Rejection.

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