May 16, 2006

The Life of... Kevin

Sheryl's job with the Lord of the Rings producers (Kevin and his partner William) has come to an end. They're returning to London today to start preparing for the West End production. Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to present it in his premier theatre. Now we're both looking for jobs...

I celebrated her "job well done" by taking her out to Yamato, a Japanese restaurant in Yorkville, where we had a fun teppanyaki dinner.

It's kind of a sad milestone for Sheryl though because she had become very fond of "her boys". For me, there's an up side. Now she'll have the energy and the interest to do more interesting cooking at her place. Today I woke up to a lovely three-cheese omelet with a side dish of papaya slices.

Listening to: Anything by Kinnie Starr from Anything.

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