Apr. 29, 2006

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! is the story of a boy named Chiro's struggle, with the help of five robotic monkeys, against the evil forces of the Skeleton King. Now that's a cartoon that has all the bases covered. I've never seen it, but I love the name.

I've been geeking out today, fiddling slightly with my blog templates. Hopefully nothing looks wonky as a result. The only noticable change is the new navigation links at the top of each post. Except on the main page. Grrr. Maybe the modifications will encourage visitors to read some of my older posts, which while lacking that fresh-from-the-oven aroma still drip with pith.

Another geek thing to note is that my sad little hit counter also keeps track of the last 100 visits. I can't glean much from the information except the following factoids:

  • Most people seem to arrive here from a search engine link to my Back in the day post from February 2005. It's kind of embarrassing that their first impression is formed from a photo of me in an ill-fitting Speedo. Maybe that post gets the hits because it contains the word "penis."
  • The next source of hits is from visitors to a web-friend's blog in Arizona, My Crazy Life. Hi Mary!
  • My most regular lurker is apparently on an Ontario government network located in New York State. (Huh? Well it's a free hit counter, so I can't complain.)
  • Number two on the very short list of lurkers is a Rogers Cable subscriber here in Toronto. (Hmm... That narrows it down to about 200,000 possibilities.)
As an antidote to the above geekiness I leave you with a recommendation. Find the March 27, 2006 issue of The New Yorker magazine and read Calvin Trillin's piece Alice, Off the Page. It's a moving elegy to his wife of 35 years and a frequent personality in his writing, who died in 2001.

Listening to: Two of Us by The Beatles from Let It Be.

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