May 3, 2006

The Cat's Away...

IMG_0012.JPGSheryl's job with the Lord of the Rings producers is winding down as they prepare to return to London and plan the West End production. In fact they are both back in England for the week right now. The pool has been cleaned and 'opened' though and the weather has been so nice that, well...

We've kind of moved in during their absence.

With their permission of course! Actually we've just been preparing our dinner in their kitchen and enjoying it on their patio. But tonight and tomorrow night Sheryl's going to have a few friends over to enjoy it with us. Ahh, the good life.

Postscript: Sunday night was the close of the Sprockets Children's Film Festival, so all the staff and volunteers gathered at the hip Drake Hotel to drink ourselves under the table. We had the roof-top patio set aside for us and fortunately I'd had several "Sprocket Rockets" (think raspberry-flavoured vodka) before I managed to get my middle finger caught in a closing bathroom door. I don't think I'm going to lose the nail...

One final bit of Sprockets news. Last Friday I was Volunteer Captain for the the screening of Emmanuel's Gift at Theatre D. Emmanuel's Gift is a documentary about a young Ghanaian man born with a deformed leg. He received a bicycle and crossed Ghana with it, raising the profile of disabled people there. A lot of wonderful things flowed from that, including this Oprah Winfrey-narrated film. Emmanuel, now an adult and family man, was in Toronto for the screening and he made an amazing connection with the children in the audience.

Listening to: Make It Mine by The Shamen from En-Tact.

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