Feb. 26, 2005

Back in the day

Ah, the seventies. Back when I had a penis. See the picture below for confirmation!

I send this photo to a friend recently, and she pointed out that fact to me. Funny how you can look at a photo for years and not notice a thing like that!

When I started racing I got my first "Speedo" swimsuit. It was so skimpy that I felt terribly exposed. My solution was to choose a suit that was much too big for me, thinking more fabric = more concealment. WRONG. More fabric equalled more opportunity for wet nylon to caress the curves of my genitals and throw them into sharp relief! It took me years to realise this.

The picture is of my sister and I celebrating our victories at the 1975(?) Bracebridge Summer Festival. Sis won the ten-and-under log-rolling competition, I won the all-ages long distance swimming race and entered the family mythology.

We had come from a cottage we were renting in the area just to enjoy the day. My mother encouraged me to enter the swimming race as I had been training with a team in the city for a couple of years. At the starting line, a mile down river, I realised that a nearby summer camp that specialised in athletics had sent a group for the race. That fired up my competitive juices! I planted myself near the front in the middle so I could keep position as the river twisted and turned, and lit the afterburners with about 50 metres to go. My family was watching the race from the shore and wondering where I was, when suddenly that glorious purple Speedo broke free of the pack.

Listening to: That Song by Big Wreck from In Loving Memory Of...

P.S. For those who wonder about such things, I still have a penis. I'm just more selective about the circumstances under which I reveal it.


  1. This isn't in response to my recent 16-foot-pole post, is it? ; ) So, when do we get to see a more recent Speedo photo?

    By the way, what's the medal hanging around your neck? It looks like a little tiny pair of Speedos!

  2. THIS IS CLASSIC! And "it" was the first thing I noticed. Actually, the haircut was the first thing. *wink*
    Even then you were a hottie!

  3. l.a.h.: I'm not sure if I can stand the scrutiny of a recent "Speedo" photo! You're right about the medals though, they do look like little swimsuits. Just bad art direction I think.
    amanda: That's my wet head look. When my hair was dry it was more like a light brown Napoleon Dynamite. Is that a good thing?