Jan. 2, 2006

You Can Take A Picture Of Something You See

You can take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or a write a song nobody has sung
Or do something that's never been done - Talk by Coldplay

I've been using flickr for a while now to host my online photos. If that's news to you, click on the animated graphic on the right side of this page... It's a great tool for the purpose, but I never thought of it as a "social" place. Boy was I wrong! It's just as busy as the blogging websites. Some people post party snaps, others post baby pictures. That's fun, and long conversations can start in the comments. Others are serious about their craft, either as amateurs or professionals. Some amazing stuff... Go have a look.

Listening to: Talk by Coldplay from X & Y.

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