Dec. 18, 2005

Kong is King

I tried to get into Memoirs of a Geisha again with Sheryl last night, but once again it was sold out. I think that they're only screening it in a small theatre. Some day, some day... We looked at the listings and settled reluctantly on King Kong. Turns out that King Kong is the best value, on a dollars-per-minute basis, I've had from a film in a long time.

Great effects throughout, solid performances by the cast, including the big guy, and a romping script that refreshes the original and adds depth. Three hours long, but never a dull moment. Kong's battle with the dinosaurs in particular was simultaneously exhilarating and hilarious. Naomi Watt gave a sensitive performance that meshed well with her co-stars (digital and real) and provided an emotional core to the tale.

Of course it all ends in tragedy. Who are the savages really?

Listening to: Wild Wild Life by Talking Heads from True Stories.

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