Dec. 17, 2005

Eating Whole Foods

No, not eating food whole... Chewing is a good thing. I went into Whole Foods with Sheryl this morning and managed to have a filling lunch browsing the food sampling stations while she ordered some roast turkeys for Christmas. Although a lunch of mostly chocolate truffles and fruit cake may not be part of a healthy regular diet. I'll be hitting the gym shortly to work it all off.

Not much else going on at the moment. Thursday's snowstorm ("It'll be the biggest in twenty years!") was a bust. I've been shopping and working out a lot in all my new spare time, and yesterday I completed my severance negotiations with my old company. The Canadian federal election is trundling along without much consequence yet. Perhaps the parties are waiting until after Christmas to get indignant with each other.

"Cultural" activities: I saw Just Friends a while ago with Sheryl and Chris. I'd sum it up as an attempt at a Christmas combination of romantic comedy and frat boy flick. Meh. Amy Smart gave a good performance. An interesting concept though: Fat boy leaves town determined to show everyone that he's better than they think, returns a big success but realises that it hasn't brought him what he really wants. Tonight we'll try and even the cinematic score by seeing Memoirs of a Geisha. Tomorrow Sheryl will be going to the National Ballet's The Nutcracker with her daughter and grandson. I've seen it a few times before, it is the tenth anniversary of this production. They'll come home happy.

Listening to: Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie from Plans.

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