Oct. 23, 2005

Ah, the little people

I got drafted into Sheryl's party preparations this evening, on account of my pumpkin carving talents (such as they are). I tend to make classical toothy-grin pumpkins each year, so I was a bit nervous about helping prepare for a dinner party for thirty theatrical types arriving fresh from London. I followed Sheryl's suggestion and went with a more abstract pattern of stars on one large orange pumpkin and circles on a smaller white pumpkin. The results were apparently very well received, but as I crouched in their basement hammering away at the damned melons I was not optimistic.

For the rest of the evening I got to be a guest, enjoying the catered buffet, Sheryl's baking, the wine and the conversation. I had a good chat with Frodo (James Loye), Sam (Peter Howe) as well as Rob Howell (the costume designer), Shaun McKenna (the writer), and Matthew Warchus (the director) as well as the host and producer, Kevin Wallace. They are a very pleasant group of people and it's going to be fun watching the production come together.

My pumpkin looks pretty lousy because of the camera shake in the dark (a flash makes a crisp and well lit exposure but a useless jack 'o lantern photo). Sheryl's cookies, made for the visiting children looked great. In fact the caterer is offering her $3000 to make a thousand more for an event later on this week!

Listening to: Monster Hospital by Metric from Live It Out. It was free from the iTunes Store!

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