Oct. 23, 2005

The full cinema experience in my own home

Yesterday Sheryl and I went shopping in Kensington Market to get some nice cheeses for a party her bosses are having tonight. As we dashed from one awning to the next (it was raining pretty hard) we spotted an Asian boy selling pirated DVD's of current films. On an impulse, we bought some.

Later we watched the most recent episode of Rome on the PVR while eating our dinner (I pan-fried some juicy sea scallops) and then settled into bed to watch our new pirate DVD of Must Love Dogs. It turns out that the copy was filmed in a theater with a camcorder! This meant the sound was muddy, the picture bit dim, we heard people coughing, laughing and shifting in their seats and, best of all, the profiles of people coming and going often blocked our "view". Fortunately the film was rather mediocre and these flaws added entertainment value instead of irritating us.

So what about the film? Well Diane Lane did her Under the Tuscan Sun thing and John Cusack did his High Fidelity thing. Those are both good things. They had good chemistry, which is important in a "date" movie. The plot revolved around broken hearts and finding love again through internet dating services, which resonated a bit with us. But overall it was predictable and flat, and the conclusion was too forced. I would have been annoyed to spend $45 to see it in a theatre. $4 was just about right...

Listening to: Return to Blackness by The Acorn from The Pink Ghosts.

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