Nov. 1, 2005

Happy Birthday/Hallowe'en

Working backwards, yesterday was spent "shelling out" for Hallowe'en. I had 65 kids come to my door, but enough candy for twice that. I'm counting on my office-mates to help me eat through it all. Chris was with his mother, but he trick-or-treated all the way to my place where he unloaded his loot and returned to the fray. I drove him back to his mother's, exhausted, around 9:00 PM. Sheryl tricked me by sneaking into the neighbourhood with her little grandson. I didn't recognise him in his spiderman costume until the second time when he said "thank you" in his little voice.

Out of webbing and out of time, Spiderman knew
his days of defying authority were over.

I had bought some pumpkins a week ago, two of which were being gradually excavated by hungry creatures (squirrels? raccoons?) through small holes they had dug in the sides. This presented some challenges in carving, as there were existing holes to incorporate into the design. Chris sketched the designs on Sunday afternoon and I carved them.

Two pumpkins, but only one knife. This
could have been a story that was never told.

Sunday began with a 6:30 AM hockey game for Chris. Ugh. My parents had stayed the night and came along to watch. His team managed a win in a fairly evenly matched game. We celebrated with a buffet brunch at the Golden Griddle (similar to I.H.O.P. in the US), then all went back to bed for a few hours. Sunday night Chris and I had a nice roasted chicken breast dinner at Sheryl's with her daughter and son-in-law.

Saturday was my birthday (45), which we spent having dinner at home with my parents, sister, Chris and Sheryl. It was a long day, but nice to be getting older (there's only one thing worse than getting older. Not getting older...) I got lots of amusing birthday cards and sweaters. The cards were amusing, not the sweaters. :-) We got through a fair amount of wine and champagne, so the early start for hockey the next morning was especially hard...

Listening to: Just One Of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix) by Blossom Dearie from Verve Remixed 3.

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