Sep. 24, 2005

Pre-teen life

Ever since he turned eleven (he's twelve now) Chris has insisted that he's not a kid any more, but a "tween". I think it's a kind of sweet way to want to grow up but remain young.

So he recently achieved a "tween" goal and learned something surprising. The goal was to burp and fart at the same time, and he was very pleased with himself when he achieved it. The learning was that anchovies taste terrible. I'd had a small unopened jar of them in the refrigerator forever, and he decided that they might be tasty. It was a sudden decision, perhaps he had dared himself. The jar was opened, a fork procured, a mouth closed. Then it was straight to the garbage can with a big drink of milk to end the experience. I have to echo his opinion: "who eats those things?"

Listening to: Pure by The Lightning Seeds from Cloudcuckooland.

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