Sep. 25, 2005

Boots, Not Made for Walking

I went to a fundraiser with Sheryl on Friday night, sponsored by the Australian bootmaker Blundstone. They had provided boots that local artists had decorated and an auction was held at the Steam Whistle Brewery. I think Sheryl and I were the only Australians there. Not even the auctioneer, who put on an Aussie accent that had us both fooled. A good crowd showed up though, and the converted railway roundhouse is a great venue. Booty Smacker played a hot set of 70's Funk too so it was a chance to go retro on the dance floor. The next day we learned that one of Sheryl's bosses had been there and spotted us from across the room as we were leaving. Lucky we didn't go too wild.

Sheryl's friend Louise told us an interesting New Orleans story that night. An acquaintance of hers had moved to New Orleans several years ago and owned an apartment building that ended up with water lapping within yards of its lobby entrance during the Katrina flooding. Foolishly, he and a small group of friends had decided to wait out the storm and by the time they realised their mistake they were almost cut off and had insufficient gas in their cars. Except one... A vintage Rolls Royce he owned that was stored nearby and had recently been serviced! They all jammed in and managed to drive to safety. It must have been surreal traveling through the impoverished areas like that. Probably dangerous too. They kept driving until they were right back in Toronto...

Listening to: King of the Mountain by Midnight Oil from Blue Sky Mining.

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