Sep. 20, 2005

Port Out, Starboard Home

POSH. The best way to travel by ship from England to India? I don't know if I mentioned that Sheryl quit her job at BOSS a week ago (but what about the sample sales!!!!). She has landed on her feet in a big way though, and I have to blog it.

Her friend who is connected to the promoter that gave them front-row/hospitality room tickets to the U2 show on Saturday night put her in touch with someone who was looking for a decorator/chef for six months. She interviewed on Monday and is starting today.

"They" are a gay couple from London's West End who are in Toronto to produce the new $27 million stage version of Lord of the Rings. They've leased a mansion in the heart of Yorkville and are busy furnishing it from top to bottom. They just bought and received a grand piano and chandelier. This afternoon Sheryl spent $800 on the first essential kitchen equipment, and is off grocery shopping right now. These guys are big-time entertainers, and Sheryl will be at the heart of it all.

She's going to love it...

Listening to: Look What You've Done by Jet from Get Born.

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