Jul. 21, 2005

Stones, Rolling. Quantity: Four

So the Rolling Stones have been in town for the past week, preparing for a new tour. They're rehearsing at a small private school four blocks from my home, and every time I drive to or from Sheryl's place I pass in front of it. There's a small crowd clustered on the sidewalk every time I pass by. Tonight the Boys were about to leave as I passed (just a few minutes ago), so the crowd had been pushed back into the street. All I wanted was to get into my own cozy bed. But I couldn't get no satisfaction...

But my shared bond is even deeper than that! Two of them are staying at a rented home literally across the street from Sheryl's condo. Sheryl has rented the same house for her daughter's wedding reception about a week after the Stones leave. She's going in over the next few days for a quick planning trip, and the cheeky girl is planning to leave an invitation to her b-i-g barbecue this Sunday. As playlist creator for the barbecue I guess I'd better buy my first Rolling Stones CD to add into the mix in case they show up...

Listening to: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones from Live Licks.

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