Jul. 18, 2005

Do Not Drill (this is not a drill)

This morning I got an intra-office e-mail about an advocacy campaign by the Canadian World Wildlife Federation opposing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The WWF are clients of my agency and are located on the floor above us.

There's a "grassroots" organisation that supports drilling there: Arctic Power. Here's a great quote from their site:

Question: Who actually visits the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
Answer: Not many. For most of the year, ANWR is unbearably cold and dark.
The WWF's petition web site has an interesting animated map that show how the caribou all congregate in exactly the intended drilling area each summer.

Here's what I wrote in the comments field when I signed:
Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will provide a modest amount of oil over a short period of time but produce long-term damage a delicate ecosystem.

If this drilling occurs later generations will wonder why we destroyed the ANWR for the privilege of a just few more years behind the wheels of our SUVs.

I have worked as a geologist in the Arctic Archipelago, and understand both the fragility of that landscape and the world's insatiable appetite for oil.

Please look to the long term and oppose this senseless development.
So I guess you know how I come down on the subject...
Listening to: Where Do We Go From Here by Filter from The Amalgamut.

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