Jul. 17, 2005


Chris has come and gone in a flash. He's been with his mother for two weeks, and now his two weeks "with" me start but he'll be at camp almost all that time.

He came back from his mother's yesterday afternoon, and we spend the rest of that day shopping for summer camp. Today he left for camp, but not before we had lunch at The Pickle Barrel to celebrate being together again, after which he insisted on buying ice creams for us both at Baskin Robbins (they ended up being fruit smoothies).

The pickup point was in the Yorkdale Mall parking lot, and appropriately for camp there was a steady rain the whole time. I hope the weather improves, because this year he'll be going on an overnight canoe trip. Last year Chris was nervous about camp, this time he's looking forward to it. He is leaving with four pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes, and I'm just about to write him a first letter that he'll get on Tuesday.

Listening to: Down Under by Men At Work from The Best of Men At Work: Contraband. (I'm putting together a massive AustraliaPublish Postn play list for Sheryl's "Aussie" barbecue next weekend.)


  1. I was a bad girl - I never used those stamped envelopes when I went to camp!

  2. You were to busy making new friends and learning to tie special knots, right?