May 25, 2005

Happy seventh... um, eighth birthday!

My oldest niece turned eight on Tuesday. We bought her a collection of Eloise stories and a glittery card. Unfortunately, it was a "Happy Seventh Birthday" card. Time flies...

She, and my sister, are moving out of their house next week for ten days. A location scout knocked on their door a while ago and made them an offer they couldn't refuse. They will be filming childhood scenes for a movie about the rapper they call 50 Cent. When it's all done my sister will collect her fee and get the main floor repainted any colour she likes.

Listening to: Sparkle And Shine by Econoline Crush from The Devil You Know.


  1. Really? A movie about 50 cent and filming scenes in your sisters house? That's pretty cool and I hope they've paid her well.

  2. Yeah, it cool alright... They're getting $16,000 payment too! (Call it $12,000 US.)