May 26, 2005

I left my pants at the office yesterday

Shit happens I guess...

Not as bad as it sounds actually. I had a physiotherapy session at the end of the day and I decided it would be faster to take my bike to work and travel onward that way. Sort of a mini-triathlon workout too. When the time came I changed into bike-suitable clothes and realised that I didn't have anything practical to carry my work clothes in. So I left them behind.

Popping out of my office in a bright orange top and tight black running shorts startled my coworkers though. It was about a four mile ride with two serious uphill sections, so I arrived well warmed up for the poking and bending. En-route, grinding up the biggest hill, a girl called out from a passing car "you're my hero!", so I must have looked pretty determined.

On the return ride I did a bit of shopping for running gear as I have my first 10K "race" this Sunday. I picked up some running sunglasses and a mesh running hat, both from The Running Room. Same place I bought my new runners last weekend. The clerk forgot to remove the anti-theft tag, so I'll have to stop by again to get it detached. In the past I've managed to ease off such tamper-proof gadgets, but this one is too snug.

More shopping tomorrow, but of a more sartorial nature. It's the Hugo Boss invitation-only warehouse sale! Sheryl took me on a reconnaissance trip last weekend, so I'm all set. Boss has some great stuff, but I can only afford it when it's 90% off...

Listening to: Ball of Confusion by Love and Rockets from Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven.

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