May 21, 2005

Takin' It to the Streets

So I stayed away from the Apple Store this morning. Instead Sheryl and I dined Friday night at Joso's Restaurant and then had a sleep-in. Joso's is a serious seafood restaurant right across from her condo. Fantastic fish, but very curious decor. Almost every painting, and there were hundreds, featured very nude women. They also seem to be on the preferred list of a lot of celebrities.

I finally took my feet "out of the barn" today and ran on actual pavement for the first time in probably twenty years. The Nike RunTO 10K race I signed up for six weeks ago is only a week away, so I thought it prudent to at least feel pavement once. I've been getting physio for my sore hip, which has been identified as tendonitis. Knowing what it is has made me more adventurous. Today was the last of the training runs that Nike has been promoting along with the 10K race.

The starting point was on Yonge Street across from the Mount Pleasant cemetery. It was, and still is, a beautiful sunny day. I decided to do just the 5K but I felt great when I reached the turn-around point so I pressed on and did the full 8K. No idea how long it took me. No-one passed me though... I "test drove" a pair of Nikes that I tried on at the gathering point, but I didn't like them much. My own shoes are New Balance cross trainers that I've had for almost five years. I've recently realised that's way too long (by about four years) and plan to buy some shoes meant for actual running this week.

Update: Chris just called. He and his mother were at the Apple Store this morning. But the line up was too long and they left before they could get in. My son's almost as big a nerd as I am!

Listening to: Every Breath You Take by The Police from Synchronicity.

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