Apr. 15, 2005

Losing love is like a window in your heart

"And she said losing love
Is like a window in your heart
Everybody sees you're blown apart" (from Paul Simon's Graceland)
Early Spring is a tricky time for me, as it's when I met the girl that eventually broke my heart twice (although it did help me lose twenty pounds in one month). Funny how you can delight in the warmth and sunshine and the next second remember how much it is like the day you first kissed her hand. I've "moved on" (mostly, but hey we all have our baggage) but the thought of those times together is never far from my mind.

On a related note, am I dying? Last week I donated blood and the automated blood pressure machine gave an error beep because my resting pulse was only 46. As far as it was concerned I must be dead. I explained that I was "athletic" and they agreed to take my blood after all. Also I've had a sore hip for two weeks now. That must be bone cancer. And yesterday someone mentioned how tanned I looked even though I haven't spent much time in the sun. That reminded me of someone dear to me who died of liver cancer. Liver failure gives you a "healthy" jaundiced complexion. So I must have liver cancer too. Over-reacting you say? Maybe, maybe. But I am a few months overdue for a physical.

As part of my campaign against aging/death I've made further plans for running a triathlon this summer. On Monday night I went to an introductory triathlon seminar at Enduro Sport, and I've signed up for a 10 K run at the end of May. It's the Nike-sponsored RUNTO event on Toronto Island, with "T.O." being the common short-hand for Toronto Ontario. It looks like I can get by with smooth tires for my mountain bike and a rented wetsuit for the Toronto Triathlon in July. "Pro" gear can wait until next year I think. Now I just need to do some road work!

Listening to: Graceland by Paul Simon from Graceland.


  1. Summer brings back my memories. It is strange to have this love/hate relationship with a season. Bought my Shuffle, by the way. Love it.

  2. susan: Ah, seasons... I'm just glad my heartbreaker wasn't a serious cook, because they say scents trigger the strongest memories.

    Congrats on the Shuffle. I found I can't work out with it next to my skin though as my perspiration temporarily shorts it out! I need an armband or something.