Apr. 17, 2005

Sporting News and Home Invasions

First things first: Yesterday afternoon my son's team dug deep once more and came up with the goods. The Toronto Police Services 53 Division are the North Toronto Hockey Minor Peewee champions! They knew they had another tough team to overcome, and they came out blazing. It was a 3 - 2 squeaker with a couple of tying goals narrowly avoided. Just goes to show you how a team can change when the chips are finally down. They were in last place at the end of "regular season"!

Chris was pleased with the perks that came with victory: Krispy Kreme donuts, Powerade, free hot dog at the snack bar. He was displeased with his trophy though, as it is insufficiently grandiose. He also spent yesterday afternoon blowing on the stadium horn he convinced grandfather to buy. My lips are still numb from learning to use it during the game (the trick is to relax your lips and don't blow too hard).

The home invasion part of this post is because my parents have bought a queen-size bed that will be going into my spare bedroom. They want to be able to spend more nights here as their home is a ninety minute drive out of town and the travel is taking a toll on them. They stayed over last night, in my bed... The advice about garden upgrades and bed linens is already flowing, and my dining room table cloth has already been transported for "proper" cleaning. Still, I am getting new pillows out of the deal. :-)

Chris is listening to: Hey Ya! by Outkast from The Love Below. Non-stop.


  1. Congrats to the team!!! That is fantastic! I know you are one proud dad. Love the picture as well. It adds to the moment nicely!

  2. Thanks Amanda. I love Chris' expression in that shot.Yes, I am proud, even though he was more interested in dancing to the music the announcer was playing than he was in following the game... :-)