Mar. 30, 2005


My son brought his mid-term report card home yesterday. He's doing well, with mostly A's and B's. His English marks have dropped a bit though, as he goes to great lengths to avoid writing detailed answers. Homework completion is also a problem for similar reasons... The third page is for student's to provide their own comments though, which is what prompts this post.

Chris academic self-critique is that "One of my weaknesses is food. I definetly have other, but I am not sure what they are." I didn't know that he was marked on what he ate!

Listening to: Blue Skies by Fac 15 (featuring Cathi Ogden) from the Hed Kandi compilation The Mix: Winter 2004. These collections are a club combination of House and Disco. Great if you want a nightclub in your iPod.

Evening update: Chris is going to make a fine bachelor. I just saw him pull a dirty (slightly) glass out of the dishwasher, inspect it, and then pour himself a drink of water. Even though clean glasses were in sight and within reach! Once I teach him the efficiency of just dipping his mouth under the flowing tap my job will be done...


  1. the mouth under the tap... too funny.

    A's and B's are good. All kids usually hate English. And as a teacher, I have noticed the males dislike it even more.

    I am sure he will do fine. He has a concerned and supportive parent. Kids normally do well when they that factor is added to their life.

  2. ooh thanks for the music recommendation. I will check that out. I love house music.