Mar. 25, 2005

And now, I'd like to sing for you

Not! My god, I even scare myself when I sing in the shower. Not a strength in my family...

On Tuesday evening I went over to the Salvation Army retirement home with a few people from my office to help out with a little Easter Party. We brought hot-crossed buns and baskets containing some sweets, socks, and word puzzle books (that's what the home suggested). We've been doing this for years although I've only been able to help out recently. Mostly it all about serving milky tea and chatting.

What I didn't expect this time was that we would be leading the residents in song and that I would be coerced into acting as MC! I got through the introductions well enough, but when it came time to sing I have to confess that I fled the microphone... Luckily there were plenty of ministers in the audience to take charge of that department.

Dear FrankieLast night I got together with some Film Festival friends to grab a bite and catch a film. We saw Dear Frankie, a subtle and emotive "little" British film about a mother (Emily Mortimer) raising her deaf son (wee Jack McElhone). She has been sending her son, Frankie, letters as if they were from his father at sea. When the ship Frankie believes his father works on arrives in port she has to either end Frankie's fantasy or find a way to preserve it. As a Dad who is only in his son's life about half the time the film had a lot of resonance for me. The performances were more realistic and illuminating than standard Hollywood fare, and the story revealed itself in an honest way. "Two thumbs up." But, sadly, no car chases, gun fights, or hot sex...

RobotsSticking with cinematic subjects for another minute, I took my son to see the animated film Robots on the weekend. It was fun, with a great Forties "this is what the future will be like" look to it. Robin Williams gave a great voice performance (I love that guy). But overall I have to say it wasn't really a compelling tale. Chris also spent the weekend playing the PS2 game, which seems to be similar to Ratchet and Clank.

Listening to: The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues by The Proclaimers from This Is The Story.

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