Mar. 31, 2005

Don't Kill, Bill

Last night I finally caught up with the rest of the world and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 on The Movie Network (Canada's version of HBO). Such stylish, if gratuitous, gore... I enjoyed it but structurally it left me a bit cold. How many samurai executions does one need to see in a film? The only scene that affected me was when "Black Mamba" (Uma Thurman) killed "Copperhead" (Vivica A. Fox) in front of her four year old daughter. Later the "Cottonmouth" character (Lucy Liu), in an animated flashback, watches her parent's murder when she was nine.

Today I read about a five year old girl in Florida who called 911 to report that her parents had just been murdered (because they were mistaken for someone else by an angry drug dealer). Gratuitous murder doesn't seem so funny today.

P.S. Now that Terri's body has died, what will the Right-To-Life traveling road show have to get whipped up about? You know they'll find something... In another echo of current events, Uma Thurman's character in Kill BIll Vol. 1 wakes from a four year coma before beginning her killing spree. Good thing no-one pissed Terri off!

Listening to: Morning Always Comes Too Soon by Brad Carter from Hed Kandi - The Mix: Winter 2004. I'll switch to a new CD soon, I promise!


  1. I liked Kill Bill but did not like the sequel at all. There were a few references to Tarantino's other films in Kill Bill, which is why I liked it so much.

  2. Yeah, the references are entertaining... Funny that you like the first more than the second. My understanding is that they were really one film that became unworkably long and was snipped in two. Of course that was before we all willingly endured the Lord of The Rings films!

  3. I have yet to see either! Horrible isn't it? We own both as well. I really have to be in the mood for such. I prefer "feel good" movies. Ones that I feel inspired after the "Curtain call"

    As for Terri. We will never hear the end of it. Yet, for some reason the fact that she was starved to death haunts me a bit? I am sure her husband let out a sigh of relief when she passed. Bittersweet I suppose. It is unfortunate, yet I am honestly sick of reading about it. There are millions of people that suffer in this world. Why not direct the cameras towards countries dying of aids, lacks of food and water and health care.

  4. I haven't seen either one myself. I'm always late with movies.

    Good for C with the grades - I wonder what in the hell my son would write in his comments section. Hmmmm.