Feb. 9, 2005

Another Funny Short

Monty Python... Love 'em or hate 'em seem to be the only options. I love 'em, but generally keep it to myself. Since most of you got a kick out of the Charlie Brown video for Hey Ya! here's another cross-pollination for your consideration.

A few years ago LEGO held a movie-making competition for shorts created using LEGO bricks (and hopefully LEGO's stop-motion movie making kit). A conversation between Python Productions and LEGO resulted in a contract with some inspired lunatics at Spite Your Face to animate a scene from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They decided to do a shot-for-shot recreation on the "Knights of the Round Table" scene. Their short was posted for a time on LEGO's web site, and even included as a bonus on the DVD re-release of the film.

Click on the picture to see the 6 MB version, or here for the 34 MB version.

In serendipitous news, David Hyde Pierce is on the Letterman Show right now promoting a new musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail that is opening on Broadway this weekend! How weird is that? Read about Spamalot here.

Listening to: Sand in My Shoes (iTunes link) by Dido from Life For Rent.

Update: I went to the gym earlier in the evening, but discovered that all my gym bag contained was a pair of shoes! Rather than frighten the women and horses I sulked in the whirlpool for twenty minutes and headed home again...


  1. Your gym probably has a few of those predators hanging around. I don't think you would have frightened the women but I can't speak for the horses.

  2. I actually tried to get tickets for Spamalot last month, but all the good seats sold out to the ticket agencies almost immediately. Sucks.

  3. Chaotic Serenity: I guess I just felt "vulnerable"... :-)
    chelle: I was counting on you for a review! Oh well. Maybe when you get back from Columbia.

  4. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried to watch the Charlie Brown/Hey Ya compilation, it timed out and I never got to view it. It really sucks because I collect all things Peanuts and I so wanted to see it.

    PS--Happy Valentine's Day! :D

  5. Thanks Tina... Right back at you. Have your tried right-clicking on the image and choosing "Download Link" or something similar? Maybe you have to clear your browser's cache

  6. Good song choice! Don't overdose on it like I did!
    : )