Feb. 6, 2005


Slowly they circled each other. The predator looking for weakness, the prey watching for which way the attack would come. Both patient as ice knowing this was a long game, not a short one...

Hee hee. My son's school had it's winter skating party at the local ice rink Friday night. It was a glorious evening, calm and just below freezing. The hockey rink and the pleasure pad beside it were opened up to each other and half the school spent the evening circling around to a disco beat. Hot chocolate was dispensed by the gallon, with cupcakes for all. My son was keen to show "his" iPod and tease as many girls as possible. He's getting pretty good good on his skates. (And he came this close to a goal Saturday!)

Who was the predator and who was the prey? Well, I was the prey. The predators? Well let's just say there were a few single moms in attendance... Oh, it all seemed innocent enough, chatting away. Until I realised that they had completely determined my status and eligibility! Well, we all gotta do what we gotta do.

Listening to: Times Like These by Foo Fighters from One By One. But an unreleased(?) acoustic version.


  1. BLogging question for you all!

    I ran into a problem today and hoping for some insight. When I go to post new posts on my blog, they are not showing up. Blogger sends me an email confirming I added a new post, yet it isn't appearing on my site. I republish my site, make sure the posts are not saved as drafts.... yet still see nothing.

    If I change my template however, the new posts I made today appear. Yet if I do that, I have to redo all my illustration I had on my blog before when is just a pain...

    Does anyone know what is going on?

  2. Amanda: The templates are pretty arcane... The changes I've made have been made with great caution, carefully follow recipes I've found elsewhere and I've used the "preview" function constantly. It sounds like you've managed to delete part of the post display meta-code. If parts of my blog structure do what you want you can go to my main page and view the source to see how I've done it.

  3. Yes it's a long game and an old game. Being prey it's hard to find a habitat where you can let your guard down. Grocery stores, malls, children's school events, daughter's university events, hockey games, even the doctors or dentist office, all are areas of potential predatory attacks. Especially if the male predators have little ones to feed.
    Must be the cold nights? ;-)

  4. Sounds like a fun night. Hot chocolate hmmmmmmmmmm........