Feb. 14, 2005

Happy You-Know-What Day

Just a quick middle-of-the-day note to send out a Valentine's Day hug to all my blogging friends around the world. If you happen to be in Toronto drop by; I have a big box of chocolates on my desk for any and all visitors! And you know I don't want to eat them all myself.

Thanks for sharing and caring. I don't have a "significant other" this year, so you're it...

Listening to: Lucky Man by The Verve from Urban Hymns.


  1. Such a romeo. I love it!

    Thanks again for thinking of us. My e-card is much appreciated!!

  2. Thanks from me too :)

    Can you believe I'm blogging from vacation? Is that lame or what.
    I've managed to avoid V-Day pretty much altogether though...they don't seem to celebrate it down here.

  3. amanda: Romeo? I wish! But lets see if we can get a buzz goin'.
    chelle: Glad to know you're still alive.
    tina: Now I've got lipstick to wipe off. Or should I keep it as a souvenir?