Jan. 15, 2005

There goes the neighbourhood!

Well it's been settling down again here now that we're used to the NASA rovers. They don't move very fast, so now we just stay out of their way. Although some of the neighbours get nervous when they remember the ones that "didn't land proper." I've heard from my cousin Vern out on Titan that they've had a little visitor too. No not another tyke (although I think that there must be something in the methane out there), they've got a probe too!

OK, enough role-playing for the moment... These space exploration missions always fill me with awe at what they are attempting, and amazement at what they uncover. They are a testament to our ingenuity and imagination as a species, and to a dedicated group of men and women in particular. Click on the picture to get the latest reports.

Listening to: Into Your Arms (iTunes link) by The Lemonheads from The Best of The Lemonheads - The Atlantic Years. Still no sign of my iPod shuffle (he said patiently...)

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  1. life without random and/or repeat on i-tunes and/or i-pod is just WHACK! patricia danielle