Jan. 17, 2005

Sweet oblivion, I embrace you

Well, a tiring weekend has caught up with me. Very late nights all weekend (for no good reason), and a surprise early start Sunday morning. I've been woozy all day, on the cusp of a headache that never really kicked in. Straight to bed for me, for once.

Why the surprise start Sunday morning? C's mother called at 7:00 AM to tell me that she was too tired to take C to his hockey skills class at 9:00 AM. So I drove over and picked him up. Nice to see him, but I hadn't got to sleep until 4:00 AM. He stayed with me until 11:30 AM and then I headed out to the pool to put a couple of kilometers under my belt.

Why the late nights? No girlfriend! Not what you're thinking... I've read that married men live longer than single men ('cause they have someone to look after them) while married women have shorter lives than single women ('cause they spend so much time looking after husbands). A bit of a raw deal, eh? For me, there's nothing to draw me to bed, and regeneration, if I don't have a partner. With that special someone bedtime becomes a time for undisturbed closeness, conversation, touching. And I like that a lot. Anything else is just a bonus...

C is with me again tonight, so I called school and suggested that he walk up to my office (by himself for the first time) so we could go to Swiss Chalet for a dinner and celebrate his first hockey point. He ambitiously ordered the quarter chicken and ribs combo, but couldn't finish it. Turned out he'd bought himself some hot ribs from the grocery store's deli counter and had them for lunch at home! He was already stuffed.

Listening to: The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles from Let It Be. Not available online. Hey Apple Corp! It's called the 21st Century. Catch up to it.


  1. Haha. He already bought himself some ribs, that's funny.

  2. Ya know...eating ribs could very well be my life. Or the end of it. *snicker*

  3. Mary: He's a sneaky one. Can't argue with his tastes, although I can't imagine eating them more than once a week. (Ask me about Florida...)
    Retro Girl: The ribs may kill you, but only because you might choke while licking your fingers. :-)