Jan. 13, 2005

I've always depended on the kindness of strangers

Today (well, yesterday at this point) was a tough weather day. First there was a half inch of black ice coating everything this morning. I discovered this when I put my foot down onto my front step and almost did a back flip. Lucky my cat-like reflexes prevented any embarrassment or injury. Then at the end of the day there was literally a torrential downpour, complete with winter lightning. Just to remind you, I walk to work.

Turned out much better than I expected though. I had walked a block towards my office, stepping ever so carefully, when a honk alerted me to a colleague driving past. They offered me a ride, which I gratefully accepted. The sidewalks were virtually frictionless! At the end of the day I was watching the deluge and silently mulling my options when another office-mate offered to drop me off. Another ride gratefully accepted. On the way my heart went out to a cyclist we passed pedaling doggedly through the chilly downpour. There but for the grace of God...

Listening to: Fade to Grey (iTunes Story link) by Visage from Fade to Grey - The Best of Visage.


  1. While the snow in Chicago was beautiful, I do not miss tracking through the snow decked out in an expensive suit accompanied with snow shoes on my feet and clucthing my high heels. The grey sludge really gets to me by the end of the winter. Everything was so dirty. Not to mention feeling like a popsicle for several months. The exercise and fresh air is a good thing however!

  2. lol @ cat-like reflexes. Funny.........

    Man I don't miss the black ice in Portland. Nope, not one bit.

  3. Hey, I'm enjoying your blog. Good for you for walking to work...and good for you for accepting a ride on a day like that!

  4. What are you thinking about all this geeky news!! I bet you are loving it! :) :)


  5. Amanda: You're right, snow isn't much fun when it's grey slush. And yes, the Huygens probe photos are fascinating. It always amazes me when these things actually work.
    Mary: Didn't you see all those Kung Fu movies I made back in the '90's? Although today my back is quite sore. Perhaps I sprained something recovering my balance.
    Susan: Thanks... It was definitely NOT running weather! I run a bit at the gym, but I'm going to have to start doing some street work if I every go through with my idea of running a triathlon.