Jan. 11, 2005

Scoring Streak stands at: One

C had his first hockey game of the new year on Saturday night. It didn't look promising, as his team was comfortably in last place and they were playing the team tied for first. It turned out to be a great game, with lots of back and forth. Amazingly C's team won 8 - 3! His team had great luck and the other team didn't seem to have any, but it was exciting at both ends of the rink... There was even a goal at the second period buzzer for entertainment. C's team was really pumped in the dressing room afterwards.

On the drive home C and I talked about the game. He has a lot of room to improve, mansion's worth, but is starting to come along so I make a fuss over everything he does right. He's good in the corners and in front of his own net (even though he's usually supposed to be forward). He needs speed and to learn how to position himself on offense. He told me that he almost got an assist at the end of a period but the buzzer went. I thought for a moment, and realised that he was talking about the goal at the end of the second period. C thought the buzzer had beaten them, but I had seen the referee's signal. What I hadn't seen was C's pass, as I was watching the game, the countdown clock, and talking to a dad from the other team all at the same time. This was C' first ever point, an assist, in three years of hockey!

We celebrated in the car, but I haven't been able to properly honour my little super-athlete yet. We went to see Ocean's Twelve the next afternoon, but C insisted on paying for the tickets and popcorn as it was his Christmas gift to me. I'll have to do something special when he comes back to me next week.

Next question is what to do about his hockey stick. He used to boast that he had a perfect record with his "lucky stick". i.e. no points. Well that streak is over, baby. Is the stick still good? New streak stands at one...

Confession: C has now beaten my own hockey career point total. My only goal in two years of house league play at his age was... an own goal. This gives me a -1 point career. Actually C had me beaten without even lacing up his skates.

Listening to: Edge of the Ocean (iTunes Store link) by Ivy from Long Distance.

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  1. Have C call the Dictator and talk to him about paying for stuff for the parents. M needs to learn that!