Jan. 5, 2005

Good news from "Home"

I have an interest in astronomy and space travel (an occupational hazard of being a kid in the Sixties), so the news that NASA's rovers are still going strong on Mars after a year was a pleasure to read. They were only expected to operate for 90 days. That's the thing about space exploration; things either go very wrong or go very well. Luckily the semi-autonomous Spirit and Opportunity rovers have gone very well. Too bad for the unsuccesful Mars Polar Lander and Beagle 2 lander. Spirit and Opportunity have only covered a few kilometers distance in total, but their movement has been carefully planned and has been a treasure trove of discovery. It now seems pretty clear that Mars had liquid water at some point...

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Listening to: Into Temptation (iTunes Store link) by Crowded House from Temple of Low Men.


  1. Space travel as well as astronomy has always fascinated me to no end. I had big hopes of becoming an astronaut even up until my college years until I my fear of closed spaces seemed to worsen. I opted for being crammed in a school classroom with thirty screaming eight year olds. If you see the logic, fill me in.
    My question is, just how large is your telescope Ben? The ladies are dying to know. *over exaggerated wink*

  2. Sigh... I so wanted to be Major Matt Mason as a kid (think G.I. Joe in space). I think you went from the frying pan to the fire with your career choice though! And anyway, rumor has it that a Russian woman has membership card #1 in the 500 Mile High club.
    How big is my telescope? Step back a few feet and I'll show you... :-)