Jan. 4, 2005

One week until MY Christmas!

No, I'm not Ukrainian. I'm just going Geeky on ya.

I'm an I.T. guy, with a personal preference for Apple's technologies. Next week's MacWorld trade fair in San Francisco will, as usual, feature a keynote speech by Apple Computer's CEO Steve Jobs. This is where all Apple's coolest new hardware and software is unveiled. Things like the iPod... Current hints suggest that Apple will present a lot of updates to their applications and hardware, but the most interesting development is a possible tiny stripped-down ultra-cheap ($500?) Mac that can be attached to any monitor. Not a powerhouse graphic design box or serious gaming system, but great for web browsing and as a "iPod for your whole house". Perhaps with easy home theater hook-ins. That could be cool...

Staying geeky, I've also been massaging my blogger template to add pop-up menu access to my archives on the right side and to slide a photo of Mars behind my blog title. Let me know if they work for you. Later I want to make the archive pages display entries with the oldest first, and use the archive menu technique to list interesting blog links (so I can start returning all those favours).

Listening to: k.d. lang's cover of Neil Young's song After The Gold Rush (iTunes Store link) from Hymns of the 49th Parallel.


  1. Ooooh, an iPod for your whole house! How intriguing. I want one already. As long as it works with Tivo.

    Actually, what I would REALLY love would be a way to turn my G5 into the central computer for the whole house--so that it will run any stereo/speakers in the house, the home theater system, the Tivo, etc. I'm sure a seamless, wireless way to do that is not far off either. And when that day comes, my husband will have to shut up about how Macs are only good for drawing pretty pictures. : )

    Think Apple can hang onto this new entertainment niche they're making for themselves? I just love the success they're having with it!

  2. l.a.h.: I think Apple's looking very hard at the "digital living room". If anyone can make it seamless and usable it's them, but they won't move until there is a mainstream market for it. Maybe that time is now...
    TiVo just released TiVoToGo, software to get content out of their box and onto your computer. Windows XP only right now, but a Mac OS X version is coming. Keep your eyes open!