Nov. 27, 2004


I love old Bowie songs... My regular readers (perhaps I should use the singular) will note that I've started listing the music I'm listening to while writing. It's just another way of telling you about myself, and might lead you to a musical discovery. Where possible I'll link them to Apple's iTunes store so you'll have a legal chance to hear a sample, from either a PC or a Mac.

Ch-ch-ch-changes seems like an appropriate title for today's post on the topic of my son. We're just back from his Junior School's "Winter" Fair. Last night and this morning he was adamant that he didn't want to go to his Little Dragons Kung Fu class because it was boring and "Sifu" (his teacher) was an "asshole". But he was looking forward to the Winter Fair because there would be Newfoundland dogs giving cart rides and he wanted to pat their puppies. Of course he got mad when I caught him having fun at his Kung Fu class in spite of himself! :-)

This dog is a two year old Newfie! They grow 'em big out there. My
son, in his favourite hoodie, is on the left. The other boy is the
younger brother of a classmate - C. tried to help his brother
win a birthday present for him.

Listening to: Combat Baby by Metric from Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?


  1. Combat baby by Metric is a good song but my fav' one is DEAD DICO ! I think I fell in love with this band I've dicovered only 2 months ago.

  2. I got turned on to Metric from someone else's blog just a month ago. They've been around for quite a while. Dead Disco is also great...

  3. Hi great site, my sis has a newfie, thanks for calling past and bringing a smile.

  4. What, a Newfie and not a Blue Heeler? Sacrilege! It must suffer in the Aussie summer. Newfies are really gentle companions though, and I suppose that Bluies must need a lot of attention.

    Aussie Momma was today's destination/victim on Michele's tour of sexy blogs...

  5. Oh, and speaking of rock&roll, per your comment on my site, I think the Ramones are seriously hurting for members these days, so go ahead and send them an application!

  6. Kimmer said...

    I love Combat Baby. :) Great song. Newfie dogs are so cute, but sooo big.