Dec. 1, 2004


I started writing about something else, but then my Mac started playing an amazing remix of Nina Simone's Sinnerman... Now I'm inspired to turn to politics again because Incurious George, the world's foremost sinnerman, is making his first visit to Canada since his election five years ago. I regret to inform you that George has not been arrested for war crimes. Instead he's getting the kid glove treatment and is being shielded from contact with Canadians. We're a polite bunch up here, but we don't take kindly to mean-spirited people.

Tomorrow (well, later today) George will be in Halifax to belatedly thank the many east coast Canadians who took stranded American travellers into their homes on the day of Sept 11, 2001. Hundreds of planes were turned back and landed instead at Canadian airports that day. The terrorists only used internal flights for their dispicable acts, but it was a logical step to take. That's the Canadian way: help where you can and when asked to.

Halifax airport, the afternoon of Sept 11, 2001. Over forty planes there alone!

George's way is to "help" where he isn't needed, and especially where he isn't wanted. But now he's realising that he has over-extended and exposed America, and he's starting to think about about how history will judge him (poorly I should think). He's trying to lay down a bit of PR, with Canada as the test run. But as Nina Simone sings, "Oh Sinnerman, where you gonna run?"

Check out the shadow! :-)

Listening to: Sinnerman (iTunes Store link) by Nina Simone on Verve Remixed 2. Over and over again.


  1. The benefit to him traveling is that he's not QUITE as likely to create more trouble when he's away from the White House. It's when he's home that he's dangerous. ;)


  2. I'm home nursing a sore throat today, which means a day of blogging from the comfort of my bed...

    Garrison, that's why I was hoping we'd be able to extend a long-term welcome to Bush, with room and board provided. Sort of the "internationalist" version of Afghan hospitality! :-)

  3. Garrison is long as he's in Canada he's not in the oval office making decisions his brain isn't capable of comprehending. That was mean. I'm sorry. I'll just say he's an asshat.

  4. Ya know, I heard about this and it pissed me off. I really wish G-Dubb would stop milking 9/11 like he does. I feel if I lost a loved one I'd be telling him to STFU by now. Giuliani is still trying to do the same thing and what's amusing is, I've talked to many of my NY located friends who say Rudy wouldn't get voted for in his own state if he decided to run for President. As much as Bush wants to make 9/11 his legacy, his other shortcomings will overshadow it all. And for the record, I really don't think he did anything positive THEN either. End of rant.

  5. I think the George's 9/11 legacy will be that he finished reading "My Pet Goat."

    It seems to me that George's response boils down to four things:
    - Reduce individual liberties (only a bad thing if Democrats do it)
    - Increase the size of government (only a bad thing if Democrats do it)
    - Raise taxes to pay for everything (only a bad thing if Democrats do it)
    - Bully or alienate most allies and the world's population in general.