Nov. 26, 2004

The Show About... Nothing

I just finished watching The Seinfeld Story on TV. Now that's something to give thanks for, even up here in Canada. It took me a while to warm to the series, but man do I miss it now. Watching all those clips has reminded me just how stupid most TV comedy is. For a show about "nothing" it's amazing how much it revealed about us all.

Funnily enough there is a successor of sorts, if you happen to live in Canada. Corner Gas is a comedy set in the tiny town of Dog River on the Canadian prairies (i.e. nowhere). That's pretty much the whole plot! Oh, and they have a gas station. And a nicely realised cast of characters. The second season has just begun but you can already get season one on DVD (of course driving DVD sales is the purpose of The Seinfeld Story). Corner Gas has a very engaging web site too.

What's your favourite Seinfeld episode? I get a special kick out of The Soup Nazi, The Contest, The Raincoats (Jerry makes out watching Schindler's List) and The Hamptons (aka "shrinkage").

Listening to: Nowhere Girl, by B Movie (early eighties synth-pop)


  1. Between Seinfeld and Sex and the City, if you watch that, you'll have a pretty good idea of what my life in New York is like. I actually go to the Soup Nazi now and again for lunch, though it is a bit pricey. Very good soup though. I've never heard of Corner Gas...I'll have to look into that. The Competition is one of my favorites too if that the one I'm thinking of...master of your domain?

    Good luck with your triathlon training. In my experience swimmers make the best triathletes once they get used to the other sports. I think it's the best form of conditioning and it does the least damage to your body. I'm thinking of trying to start swimming this winter to supplement my own marathon training.

    And yeah...I couldn't keep my mouth shut at the stupid marriage comment. It was just so preachy and so outdated. I wondered if the writer was suggesting that it was a good idea to rush into a relationship just to avoid the horrible fate of being *gasp* alone!

  2. Hi Chelle, thanks for dropping by. I've been using Sex and The City as a "field guide" for years, but sadly there are no more field reports coming in. Perhaps your blog will be my replacement! The Competition is the Seinfeld episode where the gang bet about who can go the longest without sex (solo or with a partner). Kramer was out of the running almost instantly...

    We'll see how the triathlon idea works out. I think I'll need to get a trainer if I want to actually go through with it.