Jul. 20, 2009

The Usual Suspects

Toronto Triathlon Club open-water swim clinicSo I'm less than a week out from my next Ironman race, down in Lake Placid... If anyone cares to follow me online, here's the link. My race number is 1555.

Training has gone well although I didn't always meet my training volume goals. On Saturday I was up at Wilcox Lake for a 2K swim, two hour ride and 5K run. The weather was great and it seemed like everyone I knew was there. All my Pro friends were doing their own workouts, Club members were circulating up and down Warden Avenue, even friends from various gyms I've been to were there!

I got a late start because I've been looking after Sheryl's little dog while she's on vacation with her family in the Turks and Cacos. He's now diabetic and a bit of a revenge pee-er so I had to give him his insulin and a good walk before I could safely leave the house. When I leave for Lake Placid on Tuesday I'll be transferring him to a mutual friend.

I helped run an Open Water Swimming clinic again this year, down at Cherry Beach (see photo above). Ayesha Rollinson was the leader this time, she's an ITU racer and ran us through all sorts of gung-ho drills. The water was nasty cold, which was good (?) because I could feel two spots in my wetsuit where icy water was trickling in. One spot is now repaired, the other might not be fixable.

All the "good luck" nights of drinking are done with, nothing left to do but drive down and see what I've got in the tank!

Listening to: Ready, Steady, Go by Oakenfold from Bunkka.

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