Oct. 1, 2008

The Surreal Life

So who is this nut job Governor Sarah Palin? John McCain trotted her out a few weeks ago as his vice presidential choice, but her ignorance is only out-matched by her confidence. Look at her enthusiastic conviction that merely being able to see Russia from Alaska gives her suitable foreign policy experience. It seems that her value to McCain is as a certified proponent of American fundamentalist beliefs to ensure that the religious far-right comes out for him on election day. McCain's campaign has done everything in its power to keep her away from scrutiny since; her contribution has been completed. Lets hope tomorrow's Vice Presidential debate shines a bit of light.

She makes fantastic fodder for comedians, but given McCain's age and past health issues the fact that she could be literally a heartbeat away from the Presidency gives one pause... Her earnest ignorance makes the George W. Bush look pretty damn clever, and that my friends is really saying something. Factor in her apparent religious convictions and the world would be facing a reckless and apocalyptic administration. Why fuss over climate change when the End Times is mere years, heck maybe just days, away? Why foster peace when "prophecy" says Israel must control the Holy Land? Nuclear war is also apparently to be expected, so why worry about them when they're merely a good way to get the Rapture started?

Here's an interesting video on the subject of Sarah Palin's religious views from the American News Project.

Listening to: Life During Wartime by Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense.

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