Sep. 30, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Walk in the Park

I spent most of today on location for an American department store TV commercial. Arrived at the requested time of 1:00 PM, finally on set at 7:30 PM, homeward bound at 9:30. That's film work for you... A tremendous amount of attention went into my wardrobe, a bit to my hair and makeup (different story for the women). But I was seated and largely back to camera for most of the shots! Again, that's film work for you. I spent most of the afternoon listening to some of PBS' always thought-provoking This American Life podcasts.

I had a tough yoga class this morning. I haven't been for over a month, so I'm even stiffer than usual. Afterwards I heard an interesting story from one of the students. Her adult daughter had been walking her small white dog in an open park in Rosedale the previous day when an eagle swooped down and tried to snatch it! That must have been a surreal moment in the middle of a big city. She and her daughter are birders so it wasn't just a very large and over-confident hawk, I presume the eagle thought the dog was a rabbit.

Listening to: Three Seed by Silversun Pickups from Carnavas.

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