Oct. 19, 2008

A Bridge Too Far?

I ran in the Toronto Marathon today, in spite of a bad chest cold... I was on pace for an excellent 3:20 finish at the halfway mark but faded badly, owning to sore feet and hips, to finish in 3:52. Maybe I've taken on a few too many big races this year. In the last twelve months I've completed two Ironman races, two "Half Ironman" races, and two marathons along with a number of other smaller races. Too much, I think! Still the weather was great (cool and sunny), the race well organised, and there were plenty of friends along the way to give me a boost. And both a massage and chocolate milk was waiting at the finish line!

Simon Whitfield signing autographsYesterday there was an event at my local triathlon shop, Enduro Sport. Simon Whitfield, who won a triathlon silver at the Beijing Olympics and gold at the Sydney Olympics, dropped in to talk about his races and his sport. A great moment, with lots of fans showing up. I took a ton of photos for friends. Simon brought both of his medals with him and passed them through the crowd. I'm not sure I would have been so easy-going with them. Click on the photo to see a few of other photos from the day, including Canada's first hands-on look at Cervelo's new state-of-the-art triathlon bike, the P4. Simon also brought along a friend, Adam van Koeverden, also a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics. But Adam just thought that he was going out with Simon for a coffee!

Listening to: Do It Again by Steely Dan from Can't Buy a Thrill.

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